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Helping others live meaningful, fulfilling lives:

We engage, educate and empower individuals at all stages of life to live out their destiny.

We focus on personal and professional career, leadership and life skill development.

Leadership Symposium is now Saturday, Feb. 5, 2022
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The name Carolina Pine Consulting comes from the vision of what the pine tree represents to us. 

Its sturdy trunk represents an individual person - who they are at their core, their identity, their values, etc. One branch represents career development, one life skill development, and the other leadership development.

We help individuals live the life of their dreams by providing

-workshops, conferences, retreats & day camps

-keynote speeches

-individual mentoring & consultations

-group facilitation & team-building

-resume, cover letter & LinkedIn profile reviews

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Finding one’s purpose in life is daunting. We have seen first hand how challenging it can be to choose a career. Whether working with a young person who is figuring out who they are or with an adult who wants to try a new career or beef up their resume, we can help. 



You may be a leader or preparing to become a leader. Regardless, having the knowledge and ability to lead others is essential. We train and support those who lead, who aspire to lead, and even those who may be too young to understand what leadership is. 



Our identity and self-worth is not contingent upon our work! Each of us is so much more. In our ever-changing world, learning and practicing life skills is critical. Emotional intelligence and soft skills are necessary for maintaining healthy relationships and achieving success.