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Leadership Development


Leadership is not a position. It is our behavior, our character, and our ability to impact others in a positive way. We see leaders in all facets of life – at work, in school, at home, in our churches, and in community organizations.  Leadership development is not just for the CEOs, directors or presidents. It is for anyone, regardless of age or experience, who wishes to grow in ways to help others reach a goal or achieve a mission. We feel called to train and support those who lead, who aspire to lead, and even those who may be too young to understand the concept of leadership.

Being a member of a family or a team calls for interpersonal relationship building skills, the willingness to confront tough situations, and the ability and empathy to see things from another’s point of view. We know that today’s employers expect their employees to be highly motivated problem-solvers, persuasive communicators and negotiators, and collaborative team members who can work with people who are different from them.


Regardless of current roles and responsibilities, having the knowledge, ability and tools to lead others is essential.  This is where CPC can support your leadership development.

Workshops We Offer

Personal Leadership Development:

  • Creativity

  • Developing your personal leadership brand and philosophy

  • Goal setting

  • Mission and vision

  • Grit & Grace

  • Communication & Community

Professional Leadership Development:

  • Conflict management & critical conversations

  • Leadership theory & styles

  • Mission and vision

  • Ethics, ethical decision making

  • Goal setting

  • Problem solving

  • Team strengths & team building

Check out our

Leadership Series
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