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Leadership Series

This isn't your typical, boring seminar series. It includes three fun, informative workshops, and some unique interactive experiences. This is a perfect opportunity for participants to learn and reflect, connect with others, and address post-pandemic burnout. Plus, this is an ideal way to provide a professional development experience for your team.

RE-CONNECT - “FUN”damentals of Leadership

Life is meant to be experienced. Hear seven key leadership lessons from world traveler Julie Beck that she learned as she explored eighty-nine countries in all seven continents. Which one of the seven lessons best resonates with you? (1) Follow your dreams (2) Meet new people 

(3) Try new things (4) Challenge yourself (5) overcome obstacles and challenges (6) have fun and (7) celebrate your successes. See photographs and hear stories about her fun adventures that taught her valuable life lessons.

RE-FOCUS - What’s Most Important to You? How to Live the Life You’ve Imagined​

RE-ENERGIZE - Get Gritty: Building Perseverance and Grit During Trying Times

Like the piece of grit that becomes a pearl, wisdom, sense of self, and clarity of purpose can arise from years of tackling tough situations. Join this session as we explore grit, the passion and perseverance to thrive, and grace, the act of empathy, compassion, and forgiveness. Personal stories, opportunities for discussion and self-reflection, and current research will be used to uncover ways we use grit and grace to thrive.

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