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Past Work


SOME THINGS ARE MEANT TO our friendship and our calling to help others live meaningful, fulfilling lives. We are three crazy women who just happen to believe that everything we have experienced in our professional lives has lead to Carolina Pine Consulting.

We are three friends who met 20 years ago. We were each working as educators in different roles at different universities in North Carolina. Little did we know then that life’s path would bring us together today as business partners. Call it kismet, serendipity or just dumb luck, but here we are.

How’d we get here? You could say that it was over a few conference calls that mostly involved laughing and catching up, but really, it was maneuvering our individual career journeys and supporting one another that started us down this road.


One day one of us asked that magical, but scary question: Why don’t we just start our own business?

And so, one Saturday over cheesecake, we did. Have you ever had that sensation when you just know that where you are is where you are meant to be? Or that realization that you are with your people and you are going to do great things together? Or that overwhelming sense of joy that fills you up so much that you can’t help but smile and cry at the same time? That is how we have felt while creating Carolina Pine Consulting.

Thank you for taking your time to read about our dream! We look forward to helping you or your team as you travel life’s path.



We are Diane, Julie and Shelly.

We have 90 combined years of experience in higher education.

Together, we are world travelers, spouses, community volunteers, mentors, event planners, parents, animal lovers, professors, tech geeks, writers, photographers, sisters, and clowns.

We are purpose-driven, yet open to change; fun, yet serious; and detailed, yet flexible.

We can be silly and professional at the same time.

We strive for excellence while learning from our mistakes.

We have spoken to hundreds of people at one time and advised individual people hundreds of times.

We have each served as Presidents of the North Carolina College Personnel Association (NCCPA) and are now part of NCCPA’s Crystal Coast Society of Past Presidents.





We have come together over four common
Carolina Pine Consulting is a
manifestation of these ideals.

1. We love helping and teaching others.

2. We have an abundance of knowledge,
skills and experience to share.

3. We believe we are meant to do something
more with our professional lives.

4. We feel called to give back through








As consultants, we:

truly care about and want to make a difference in each person's life.


provide unique, distinctive services that are customized at a reasonable price.

incorporate knowledge acquired from over 90 combined years of experience in

leadership, higher education and career counseling


guarantee experiences that are informative, introspective, interactive, and fun.


have each experienced personal and professional life challenges of their own.

promise clients will gain new skills, establish action steps, and become more self-aware after interacting with us


  • CPC pledges that each experience includes:

    • Self-awareness, self-assessment or value clarification exercises

    • Opportunities to develop concrete action steps and takeaways

    • Follow-up outreach where our consultants provide feedback and additional insights for on-going success


Professional Conferences 

  • American Association of Employment in
    Education Conference Presenter and
    Organizer (AAEE)

  • American College Personnel
    Association (ACPA) 

  • Association of College & University
    Housing Officers- International (ACUHO-I) 

  • National Intramural Sports & Recreation
    Association (NIRSA) 

  • North Carolina College Personnel
    Association (NCCPA) 

  • NCCPA, Student LEAD 

  • NCCPA, Administrative Personnel Conference, Keynote Speaker

  • NCCPA, President’s Forum, Women in Higher Education

  • North Carolina Housing Officers (NCHO) 

  • Southeast Association of Employment in Education (SAEE)


Colleges & Universities

  • East Carolina University, Academic Advisor Retreat

  • East Carolina University, Advanced Leadership Program

  • East Carolina University, Emerging Leaders Program

  • Lehigh University, Residence Life Staff Retreat

  • Louisburg College, Dean of Students Staff Retreat

  • Louisburg College, Student Leadership Keynote Speaker

  • Meredith College, Women in Leadership Development (WILD)

  • Pitt County Community College, Student Development Staff Retreat

  • University of Mount Olive, Emerging Leaders Program

  • University of North Carolina Greensboro, Residence Life Staff Retreat

  • University of North Carolina Wilmington, Dean of Students Retreat

  • University of North Carolina Wilmington, Student Leadership Conference

  • University of North Carolina Wilmington, Women’s Leadership Conference

  • University of North Carolina Wilmington, Emerging Leaders, Senior Leadership Program, LIFE Skills Program, Southeastern African American Leadership Conference

  • University of North Carolina Wilmington Professional Etiquette Dinner

  • University of South Carolina, Student Leadership and Diversity Conference

  • Wake Forest University, Residence Life Staff Retreat


Community, Non-Profit and other Organizations

  • Boys and Girls Club of New Hanover County

  • Pitt County Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Institute

  • Wayne County Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Wayne Program

  • Wayne County Partnership for Children

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Let’s Work Together

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